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  • Article 1 – Dates and locations

1.1 - Enduro de la Semoy 2018 will take place on 09th and 10th June 2018 in Les Hautes Rivières, in the French Ardennes. 

  • Article 2 – Participation / Catégories

2.1 -  Enduro de la Semoy is open to all licensed or unlicensed competitors . For licensed ( FFC, UFOLEP FSGT ) , presentation of the license is required upon registration. For unlicensed they will be asked to provide a medical certificate less than 3 months old ( the record date ) indicating the ability of the competitor to mountain biking competition. Foreign participants must also submit a medical certificate ( or a license from they federation recognized by  UCI) . 

2.2 - The maximum number of participants is 350 riders

2.3 - The Enduro de la Semoy is open to all , from 15 years ( obligation to get 15 at the race date). The age groups will be divided as follows : 

      • LADIES 15+
      • CADET 15-16 years
      • JUNIORS 17-18 years
      • SENIORS 1 19-29 years
      • MASTERS 1 30-39  years
      • MASTERS 2 40 years and older or 40/49 
      • MASTERS 3 50 years and over (if more than 5 participants in the latter category)

2.4 - For the first time of his history, the Enduro de la Semoy is open to the competitor on e-MTB (Electric Assist). A special category will deserve to the riders of these bikes.

  • Article 3 – Course and outcome of the race

3.1 - Stages (ES) will adopt a descending profil . ( 80-90 % downhill and 10-20 % of flat or possibly small rise represents the ideal distribution ) . The ES will be materialized by color tape hanged either continuously or intermittently . Any pilot crossing the continuous tape will have to move back there before continuing  the stage. Any rider intentionelly crossing the tape in order to save time may lead to his disqualification.

3.2 – Number of ES. . The number of timed stages will be 10 (to be confirmed).

3.3 – The connections between stages ( non-timed sectors ) will be pedaling. In no event should a competitor resort to the use of personal vehicles to get to departures ES. On these road sections , competitors must comply with the rules of the road as they travel or traverse open to traffic lanes . Connection time will be subject to timing.

3.4 - The route taken  crosses protected lands , each Competitors is reminded that it is prohibited to leave the authorized trails .

3.5 - The trainings on stages will be banned and open to penaltiesunless waived by the organizer.

3.6 - A competitor overtaken must allow the free passage , even if has passed the rider before and is being passed then after.

3.7 - If a rider is late to his departure, his time will run as planed  and the clock is running. Observe the departure times.

3.8 - Any departure stolen will be punished by a 15 seconds penalty.

3.9 - The rider declared winner will be the one who has done the entire course in a minimum of time, accumulated timed stages . In case of a tie , this is the time of the last special that will decide between the competitors.

  • Article 4 - Registration

4.1 - The registration fees are 55 euros (50 euros for French Cyclism Federation registered people).

4.2 - Registration will begin on March the 3rd at 19.00 o'clock, 2018 and are limited to 350 riders. No waiting list will be create.

4.3 - No entry fee will be refund in the month preceding the event, unless the reason is deemed valid by the organization.

  • Article 5 - Welcome and Removing plates 

5.1 - The welcome of competitors and removing plates will be the morning of the race the central point of the organization, and according to the timetable will be communicated by each organizer .

5.2 - Competitors must present their license or medical certificate against part of what they will receive their plate frame .

  • Article 6 – Bike Compliance

6.1 - The bikes will be type mountain bike, equipped with a bar caps .This bar have to be  flat or riser shape. The minimum size of the tires is 1.9 " . Bicycles must be equipped with efficient brakes , front and rear .

6.2 - The organizer reserves the right to disqualify a competitor if it uses a material that could be dangerous or non-compliant : no bar caps for example.

  • Article 7 - Équipment and Gear

7.1 - The wearing of full face helmet, kneepads, long gloves, back protection or protective backpack are required.

7.2 - Personal Protective Equipment : elbow reinforced shorts and sunglasses are highly recommended .

7.3 - All competitors initially without his helmet 's chinstrap closed will not be allowed to start .
It is recommended to take a repair kit , safety primary stuff and food.

  • Article 8– Environmental aspect, ethnical and race penalties.

8.1 - Our practice takes place in a natural landscape and we want to preserve it as long  as possible. Competitors caught intentionally throwing paper or other non-biodegradable litter will be disqualified.

8.2 - The insult towards commissioner , organizers , indigenous or riders will result in disqualification. It is the same with regard to a fight or aggressive or dangerous behaviour toward people or equipment.

8.3 - A competitor overtaken must give way , even if he is being passed by an previously ovrtaken rider. It is forbidden to park on the course special . In case of  intentional bad behaviour the penalty will be 30 seconds . ( Recall section 3.6 )

8.4 - Disqualification or  penalty of 5 or 10 minutes in case of voluntary crossing the tape (saving time ) . ( Reminder of Article 3 .1 )

8.5 - Disqualification for non -conforming material . (Article 6)
These decisions will be made by a panel of commissioners.


  • Article 9 - Right to the image.  

By engaging the Enduro de la Semoy , participants and organizers allow the use of any images or videos taken on stages.

  • Article 10–Ranking / Scoring

10.1 - The ranking is made by adding the time of each ES . There will be no special Joker. Timing can be done manually , the time will be noted within a second.

10.2 - At the end of the race, a podium for each category defined in Article 2 will be realized.

10.3 - The scoring points for the Enduro Cup challenge is available on the challenge website.

10.4 - To appear in the overall standings competitor must start all special .


  • Article 11 - Rewards and Awards

11.1 - The participation of competitors in the awards is required. In the case of unjustified absence at the prize the contestant does not receive the money.




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